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Angel Fund

No pet should need to go without important veterinary medical care due to financial strain at home. Consider helping your friends and neighbors today by contributing to our Angel Fund at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital.

About The Fund

The Angel Fund at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital helps our little friends get medical care when their human families are experiencing financial difficulties. 

100% of the donations received will fund veterinary services for pets in need, and put the people who love them at ease.

We never want cost of care to keep ill or injured pets from receiving necessary treatments, procedures, and medications that will help them regain health. Pets are priceless to our lives, and all of the generous donations received make it possible for pet owners in our community to care for and, in some cases, save their irreplaceable pets.

If you would like to contribute, that’s wonderful! Here’s how:

  • Add a donation to your invoice amount at check out
  • Stop by and donate anytime during open office hours

Our hope is that temporary financial assistance from the Angel Fund will continue to be paid forward. Together, we can dramatically improve the lives of pets in our community, and help keep them happy, healthy, and safe by their human family members’ sides.

Consider helping your neighbors. Every donation helps.

Thank you for your kindness!

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