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Veterinary Pet Surgery

As pet-lovers ourselves, we understand that surgery can be a very stressful experience for you and your pet. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that every surgery at our hospital is as safe as possible. To ensure that our patients always receive the best outcome, we refer complex operations to board-certified specialists. We always perform a physical exam and blood work before surgery, diligently monitor your pet during surgery, and provide proper medication and therapy to aid recovery.

Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

Keeping our patients safe during surgery and other medical procedures is extremely important to us. Because most veterinary surgeries require anesthesia, we take every precaution available to minimize the risk of anesthetic complications. Before surgery, we will assess your pet’s health and determine if any interventions could be helpful to reduce anesthetic risk for your pet. Once anesthesia is administered, we will continuously monitor your pet’s vital signs in order to recognize and treat any complications if they should arise.

Pain Management

Just as we want our pets to be healthy, we want them to feel happy and comfortable too. Pain management is an essential component of post-surgical care. The type of treatment prescribed depends on a variety of factors, including the source of the pain, the severity of the pain, and how easy it is to medicate the pet. Your veterinarian will design a post-operative pain management plan for your pet, tailored to his or her individual needs.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Neutering, the process of removing the testicles from a male pet, and spaying, the procedure to remove the ovaries of a female pet, are important procedures for every pet owner to consider. Neutering or spaying your pet has many benefits, such as:

  • Protecting against fatal diseases, including multiple types of cancer, reproductive tract diseases, and bacterial infections.
  • Eliminating unwanted behavior, such as aggression towards pets of the same sex, marking of territory, and roaming.
  • Helping reduce pet overpopulation and thus reducing the number of pets without homes.

We highly recommend the spay-neuter procedure for nearly all of our patients. We understand that the thought of your puppy or kitten undergoing surgery can be scary, but at Oakhurst Veterinary Clinic we promise we will take every precaution available to ensure your pet’s safety.


Endoscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure that allows a veterinarian to take a tissue sample, called a biopsy, without having to perform surgery. This method is commonly used to examine the inside of the ears, nose, esophagus, colon, bladder, stomach, and other internal organs. The incisions used for endoscopic procedures, when required, are significantly smaller than those made in traditional surgery, meaning a much quicker and less painful recovery time for your pet.

An on-call consulting veterinarian comes to our hospital to perform this procedure for our patients.

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