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What your pet needs when they are a puppy or kitten is much different than what they need as an adult. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we have developed wellness plans specific to your pet’s age. Making sure your pet receives the care they need during each stage of life promotes a lifetime of wellness!

Puppy Wellness

Welcoming a new member to the family? Congratulations! Raising a puppy is a wonderful experience, bound to bring you lots of laughs and fond memories.

Part of taking care of your new puppy is choosing a veterinarian to help you care for your furry friend. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our puppy wellness plan is designed to get your puppy started on the track to a long and healthy life. We can provide all the resources you need to help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog.

When you bring your new puppy home, we recommend you schedule his or her first wellness exam as soon as possible. During your puppy’s first exam, we will evaluate his or her overall health, test for the presence of parasites, and begin an appropriate vaccination program. Our vaccination program will ensure your puppy is protected against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and other common canine diseases.

All you have to do to schedule your puppy’s first wellness exam is give us a call! We look forward to meeting the newest addition to your family.

Kitten Wellness

Welcoming a new kitten to the house is an exciting time for everyone! Your kitten’s first few months at home are sure to be a memorable time, as you grow to know and love your new furry friend. These first few months are also a crucial period in your kitten’s development, which means it is important to make sure your pet is on the path to a long and healthy life.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our kitten wellness plan is designed to promote your cat’s total wellbeing. We will provide the support and tools necessary to help you care for your kitten, including information and advice on training and nutrition.

As soon as you bring your new kitten home, we recommend you schedule his or her first wellness exam. During this exam, a veterinarian will examine your kitten from nose to tail, evaluating his or her overall health. We will also test for the presence of parasites and begin a vaccination program to protect your kitten from rabies, distemper, and other common feline diseases.

To schedule your kitten’s first wellness exam, just give us a call! We can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family.

Adult Pet Wellness

Wellness care doesn’t end when your puppy or kitten has received all of his or her vaccinations. Just like you, your pet requires yearly wellness visits so that your veterinarian can check up on his or her health and catch any potential medical concerns as early as possible.

Bringing your pet in once a year for a diagnostic workup and wellness exam helps us ensure that your pet is healthy and detect any hidden diseases or conditions in their early stages. The earlier we detect a problem, the sooner we can get started on a treatment plan, increasing your pet’s chances of a successful recovery.

During your pet’s wellness exam, your veterinarian will perform a complete physical evaluation of your pet’s health, assessing the condition of all the vital organs, from nose to tail. In addition, we will make sure your pet receives any necessary vaccinations and perform a diagnostic workup to check for parasites and underlying disease. Your pet’s wellness exam is also a great opportunity to ask your veterinarian any questions you may have, as well as communicate any concerns about your pet’s health or behavior.

Senior Pet Wellness

As dogs and cats get older, they need extra special attention and care. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our senior wellness program focuses on helping your pet stay active and healthy throughout his or her later years.

As your pet ages, it’s more important than ever to prioritize regular visits to the veterinarian. Regular wellness exams can actually help your pet live longer because they enable your veterinarian to detect and diagnose diseases and health conditions in their early stages. The risk of contracting disease increases greatly with age, meaning that your senior pet is more likely to be affected by arthritis, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease now than when he or she was young.

When you bring your senior pet in for a visit, we will design a wellness plan to suit your pet’s individual needs. This may involve twice yearly physical exams and more extensive diagnostics. We can also help improve your pet’s day-to-day quality of life by preventing and reducing pain, recommending appropriate nutrition and exercise, and suggesting environmental modifications to make your senior’s life more comfortable.

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